Country Home Decor – Add a Touch of Nostalgia

Want a beautiful, comfortable living room that your family and visitors will feel totally at home in? Country home decor is the way to go. Take a trip down memory lane to the wonderful smells and down home feeling you had when you visited grandma’s house – it’s hard to beat.

This style is easy to accomplish, and won’t cost you a lot of money as some types of decor do. Many items used in country home decor can be found in your home right now. Have some quilts put away? Throw one over the back of your sofa and already you have added a touch of country. Wood floors are perfect for this kind of decor, and scattering a few old-fashioned looking rugs here and there adds to the charm. The old braided type rugs in rustic colors look great as well.

For your walls, many shadowbox type pictures have the worn rustic look you are trying to achieve. An old mirror with a wooden frame adds character to the look, as well as pictures of roosters and hens. Add some cowboy pictures and horses – western decor blends extremely well with country decor. Many people also use old tools and iron skillets on their walls – I personally love this look, but I also live in the South. Enough said.

Coffee and end tables are the easiest to decorate! Find or buy some old fashioned crocheted doillies and place them on all of your tables. Set a few candles around, add some rooster figurines, or an old vase filled with daisies. You may even want to use cinnamon, peach or blueberry scented
candles to add a little country aroma!

There are a few ways to decorate your windows that work great. You can use somewhat ruffled curtains in off white or rustic colors that match your decor, secured with tie-backs. Another idea that works very well is a checked or plaid curtain in the colors you use in your room. Both of these looks are beautiful.

These are just a few ideas to help you achieve the atmosphere of long ago in your own home. Using country home decor will give your home the simple and uncomplicated aura of days gone by. Your friends and visitors will feel so welcome, they will want to stay forever. Add a little nostalgia to your home!