Cheap Home Decor: Picture Hanging Ideas

If you are looking for cheap home decor ideas look no further: there is no doubt that picture hanging can emphatically change the look of any given room in just a split of a second. Colors, designs and style will define the overall impact, and you will be able to revamp your home decoration without breaking the bank.

Once all your pictures are framed and assembled, decide on the theme or a type of picture for each room. Then consider each room’s focal point or points, and allocate a picture to each of these key places. An over-mantel or chimney-breast needs a significant picture, as does the wall opposite the entrance to a room. If a mirror is placed in either of these positions, the wall opposite it should be hung with an interesting picture or arrangement of pictures. A large picture should only be hung where the viewer can stand sufficiently far back to be able to see it properly. It will make a narrow space seem wider if it is hung on the wall at one end of it rather than along one side.

Once the focal points have been provided with pictures, you have to decide where the rest of the pictures are to be hung. If you have a great many images, this requires careful planning. By all means crowd them together in some rooms, but leave other rooms with fewer pictures and plenty of bare wall around them to creating breathing space as it were. Bear in mind subject matter when allocating pictures to specific rooms; pictures of battles or sporting scenes might not be the best choice for a woman’s bedroom, and pictures of cute animals or fruit will not go with the seashell bathroom theme. Place the right seashell bathroom accessories to enhance the overall look that you are trying to achieve with the pictures.